Grindeks Supplier Questionnaire

Grindeks Supplier Questionnaire


This questionnaire is intended to obtain the information we feel is essential to our evaluation of your company. We request that you fill out this questionnaire as completely as possible. This information will be of assistance in making valid quality judgments.

Since this questionnaire designed to be used with a variety of companies covering various types of materials that have a number of ultimate uses, we recognize that some questions may not always be applicable. In such a case an indication of “Not Applicable” will be sufficient.

Your co-operation in completing this questionnaire as accurately as possible will be very much appreciated. If you desire further clarification regarding any section, please feel free to contact us.

Information provided in this questionnaire is considered strictly confidential and should not be disclosed to the third party.

By completing this questionnaire, please send following documents (if any) to

  • Information about the company – manufacturer
  • Information about the company – supplier
  • Information about the company – distributor
  • A copy of the license – manufacturer
  • A copy of the license – supplier
  • A copy of the license – distributor
  • Quality specification
  • Certificate of analysis (three batches)
  • Methods of analysis
  • Brief description of the production process and process flow (including solvents and catalysts, impurities).
  • Copies of quality system certificates (GMP, EN/ISO, HACCP) – manufacturer
  • Copies of quality system certificates (GDP, GMP, EN/ISO, HACCP) – supplier
  • Copies of quality system certificates (GDP, GMP, EN/ISO, HACCP) – distributor
  • Declaration on the risk of contamination (TSE/BSE, GMOs)