Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Today, corporate social responsibility is an integral element of Grindeks activity, becoming even more important than ever before. It plays a significant role in strengthening trust from our partners, patients and society as a whole.

Our mission is to care about patient health, motivation of our employees and interests of shareholders, being innovation based and environmentally friendly company. Additionally to the annual business objectives, we have set a target to improve the company’s activity in the corporate social responsibility area.

Our three key priorities of corporate social responsibility are:

  • Health and safety, comprising both our patients and employees
  • Environment protection
  • Ethics, demonstrating our ability to act fairly in the multifaceted pharmaceutical business

Disclosure Report

Pursuant to the EFPIA CODE ON DISCLOSURE OF TRANSFERS OF VALUE FROM PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES TO HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS AND HEALTHCARE ORGANISATIONS and the Disclosure Code implemented in the Republic of Lithuania, JSC Grindeks discloses the Report On Transfers Of Value From The Representative Office of JSC Grindeks in Lithuania To Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organisations.

The report was conducted in accordance with Evaluation Methodology.